Villa Ottilia

ottilia_flowersVilla Ottilia was built in 1939 by a builder from Brindisi and purchased by us in August 2010. The villa consists of 2 floors where the ground floor is dedicated to its guests and the basement to us. The property is located • 1,2 km from Oria medieval town • 25 minutes from Brindisi International Airport • 2 hours from Bari International Airport • 30 minutes from Ionian sea • 30 minutes from Adriatic sea • Less than 20 minutes from numerous small towns such as: Latiano, Mesagane, Manduria, Francavilla Fontana, etc etc.

ottilia_bbqThe rooms are beautiful with vaulted windows, very high ceilings and original decorative flooring. Heating provided by thermo-convectors.  The house is furnished with Swedish antiques and designed with Indian cottons. Our Wi-Fi can be used in all rooms of the house. On the courtyard patio you can enjoy the Puglia sun even winter time as it faces south and is protected from wind and rain. Breakfast will be served at the timing of your choice in your room, the garden or any other common area. Included is a continental breakfast, upon request we serve breakfast of your choice.

We are surrounded by bicycle routes where you can enjoy endless miles of olive groves and wine yards. Our aim is to welcome people from all walks of life to experience Oria and fall in love with this area as we have. Until you’ve tried our local products and felt the warmth of the Puglia sun and people you haven’t seen South Italy!

Bathrooms are equipped with hair dryers and shower cream.  Shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, toothpaste and toothbrush can be purchased here.

Our address is:
Villa Ottilia
Via Latiano, S.N.
720 24 Oria, BR

Our telephone numbers are:
+39 392 262 36 41 (italian)
+8 559 254 66 (swedish)

Our E-mail is:

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